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LOVED your redundancy calculator.

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Thanks for your reply on the 25th. That (Professional Investment Property Calculator) allowed me to bid on a property last weekend which I was able to win, so thanks.

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I am been very grateful for your free calculators in recent years, thank you very much. They are very simple to use yet provide a great set of info.

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I found your investment property spreadsheet online. It's a useful tool.

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Thank you for providing such a great product (Ultimate Investment Property Calculator). It has phenomenal amounts of potential and applications, and it has really helped me clear up a few cashflow questions I had in regards to building a property portfolio.

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I've been using your childcare calculator for years. It is pretty exact and good! Good work!

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Many thanks Patrick - great service - keen users of the product (Ultimate Investment Property Calculator).

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Great spreadsheet (Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet) - saved me a lot of time doing something like it myself.

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I've just completed my first tax year of using your program (Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet) to manage the finances of our small property business here in the USA and I love it!

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Thank you so much Patrick, really appreciate your help. This (Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet) was for my Dad who lives in India and manages 5 rental properties. This spreadsheet (Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet) would give him complete picture of what is going on. Thank you once again.

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Thank you for your great after sales service.

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As a property investor I find the tools (Ultimate Investment Property Calculator Package) I have purchased from you to be the very best to date. They make dealing with multiple properties easy and they allow you to very quickly analyse what is happening with the properties over time. I very much appreciate the Management Spreadsheet (Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet), which I use the most and it is now even better being able to tailor it to my own circumstances.

I am extremely happy with the service and support that you have given now and when I first purchased the software and whole heartedly recommend you to anyone who will listen.

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The template (Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet) speaks for itself. It is fully loaded with tools required by every landlord and property investors alike as it is able to manage your properties under one single file without the stress of having multiple files. I strongly recommend getting this property management tool.

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Of many I looked at on the web this (Rental Property Management Spreadsheet) was the most logical and approachable for a novice property manager like me. It worked perfectly. I am very happy with this great tool and all of your support.

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I thank you for refunding the previous purchase (my mistake) and have received the Professional Version that I am looking forward to using. Thanks also for the detailed explanation of instructions.

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The rental property spread sheet is a very easy tool to use for any investor. The tool is one thing, but the ongoing professional and prompt support is another. Well done Patrick - You are highly recommended in my books!

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Was trying to find software to manage our properties and all I needed was your (Rental Property Management) spread sheet which has made it so easy. Great work mate.

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Thank you for supplying me with this fantastic real estate investment spread sheet. Having this makes it much easier for myself to keep track of expenditure and give a live update on what is going on in my portfolio.

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Thanks so much for all your help. The customised Mortgage Offset Calculator is perfect. I was so impressed by your prompt response and support. It was a pleasure working with you.I will highly recommend your services to friends and family members.

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Perfect tool (Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet) for managing and recording property investment expenses. A must have for all novice investors managing their own properties (even for the apprentice excel user). Couldn't recommend it enough!

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Excellent and prompt response Patrick. Many thx.

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Thanks for the calculator (professional investment property calculator), I'm finding it very useful and it is a great pice of work.

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I have found your redundancy calculator really helpful ... We have a payroll company who do the calcs but we like to be able to check them - they often miss things.

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Thank you for adding the notes sheet (to the Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet) it's really helpful. The support you give and response turnaround is great, you offer a great service.

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Thanks for your help, your investment property software (the Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet) has made my life so much easier. I have quite a few properties and now all my expenses and incomes are all in one place. I think my accountant would like to thank you also. Now I can give him an Itemized list on each property with little or no effort on my part.

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Thanks very much for the free calculators (the Free Home Rent or Buy Analysis Calculator & the Investment Property Calculator). These have been very useful.

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I searched a longtime for a spreadsheet that really works for my investment properties (total of six units). This (Rental Property Management Spreadsheet) is a fantastic spreadsheet that has helped me immensely with my record keeping and for tax purposes. I have tried programs like Quicken Rental and it is so complicated. This is fast, easy and a snap to keep my records straight for my taxes. Thanks for all the hard work you put in on this as it is a life saver. You have made my life easier .

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It (Redundancy Calculator) is a really good tool and thank you for making it freely available.

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Very nice spreadseet (Rental Property Management Spreadsheet).

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As a property owner, it is always a struggle to keep records updated (the old shoebox accounting method is a little outdated!), and so it was great to find the Rental Property Management Spreadsheet. It means I can now easily enter all transactions for various properties month by month, and at a glance see what my outgoings/incomings are. Even though I have a accountant to do the books each year, it now is much more streamlined for him as well.

Patrick is extremely helpful with tailoring his spreadsheets (Rental Property Management Spreadsheet), and is super quick when it comes to answering any questions I have. I would highly recommend his service.

10 July 2011 - Terry

This (free Comprehensive Budget Planner Spreadsheet) is a fantastic template, and is working very well for me.

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I really love how your spreadsheet (free Investment Property Calculator) makes everything simple to track - a great timesaver.

15 June 2011 - Kathryn

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for the fantastic Baby Bonus vs PPL calculator on your website. I have been on the phone most of the day to Centrelink and the ATO trying to get them to explain the figures behind their calculations (with no success but much frustration and yelling from me.) But from this calculator I was actually able to see what was going on in the background and now better understand what I am entitled to and why the Centrelink calculator came up with the outcome it did.

Thanks again – it is awesome and I shall be recommending it to my mother’s group because we are all experiencing the same frustration.

13 June 2011 - Mark, Property investor from South Australia

I am absolutely delighted with Patrick’s spreadsheets and customer service. I rate both 10 out of 10. I first tried his free Investment Property Calculator and liked it, but I wanted some changes to suit my specific needs. He made them without any fuss so I purchased his Standard Investment Property Calculator with the modifications. It did everything I wanted and helped me make quick decisions in the marketplace. A year later I tried his free Rental Property Management Spreadsheet and liked it but again I needed some modifications which he made quickly. I purchased it with the modifications and I wouldn’t want to manage my properties without it.

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I'd like to thank you for very useful spread sheet (free investment property calculator).

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Thank you for the excellent work in producing the tailor-made POPR/Investment property calculator. The spreadsheet contains all of the detailed calculations and reporting for our small but specific investment portfolio, including some I was not aware of. I would highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to get a greater understanding of their own residential property investment situation. I will certainly return to you for further development of our custom calculator as our situation changes.

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Your model (Commercial Property Lease or Buy Analysis Calculator) has been very useful in analyzing various lease versus buy/build options.

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I’m just starting out in investing, having just purchased my first investment property, and I’ve been creating a spreadsheet similar to yours... I’ve stumbled upon your free download (free investment property calculator) as an example of what I’m looking to do for myself in Excel… but I think you’ve already done all the maths and Excel legwork for the final goal of my efforts.

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I have used your free investment property calculator and like it much better than any others I have bought. It focuses on the essential facts and presents them in a much clearer format.

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I'm really enjoying it (the professional investment property calculator) so far. My wife and I are currently using it for scenario analysis on two houses we want to buy next week. - Massive timesaver using your calculator.

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I was quite happy using it (the free investment property calculator)!


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