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Investment Property Calculator

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Investment Property Calculator

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Investment Property Calculator

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Depreciation Schedule Report

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Record Keeping Spreadsheet

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Lease or Buy Analysis Calculator

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Online Calculators

Here are some online calculators including land tax calculator, stamp duty calculator etc. that you can use for free. As long as you have Internet connection you can use those online calculators on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, iPad, or tablet in your office or at home!

If you are a business owner and want to use any of these online calculators on your website, please contact us. You need to pay a fee of $600 for each calculator for the first year and $120 per year from second year and subsequent years. The price includes initial setup consultancy fee and update. If you need more than 1 online calculator listed on the this page, we are happy to work out a plan based on your budget. You can click here to see a sample calculator which you can easily integrate with any website.

Online Investment Property Calculator

Online Home Loan Calculator

Australia Personal Tax Calculator

ACT Land Tax Calculator

ACT Stamp Duty Calculator

NSW Land Tax Calculator

NSW Stamp Duty Calculator

NSW Foreign Person Stamp Duty Calculator

NSW Surcharge Purchaser Duty Calculator

NT Land Tax Calculator

NT Stamp Duty Calculator

QLD Land Tax Calculator

QLD Stamp Duty Calculator

QLD Foreign Buyer Stamp Duty Calculator

SA Land Tax Calculator

SA Stamp Duty Calculator

TAS Land Tax Calculator

TAS Stamp Duty Calculator

VIC Land Tax Calculator

VIC Stamp Duty Calculator

VIC Foreign Purchaser Stamp Duty Calculator

WA Land Tax Calculator

WA Stamp Duty Calculator

Dividend Franking Credit Calculator

For the land tax and stamp duty calculators, you can always check the results with the official calculators from different state governments. The official government land tax and stamp duty calculators are listed below:

Official ACT Land Tax Calculator

Official ACT Stamp Duty Calculator

Official NSW Land Tax Calculator

Official NSW Stamp Duty Calculator

Official NSW Surcharge Purchaser Duty Calculator

Official NT Land Tax Calculator (No Land Tax In NT)

Official NT Stamp Duty Calculator

Official QLD Land Tax Calculator

Official QLD Stamp Duty Calculator

Official SA Land Tax Calculator

Official SA Stamp Duty Calculator

Official TAS Land Tax Calculator

Official TAS Stamp Duty Calculator

Official VIC Land Tax Calculator

Official VIC Stamp Duty Calculator

Official WA Land Tax Calculator

Official WA Stamp Duty Calculator