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We offer Excel and online calculator development services at very reasonable price for both individuals and businesses. We can develop new Excel calculators for you or your business. We provide life-time warranty for any Excel calculator we develop. Got an Excel calculator but it does not suit your needs? Or there are errors that you cannot figure out or fix? We can help you to fix your calculator!

Need an online calculator for you business website? We can develop online calculators which can be easily intergrated into your website. Check out the online calculators we developed in PHP. You need to pay a fee to use them on your website. The fee is $600 each calculator for the first year and $120 per year from second year and subsequent years. The price includes initial setup consultancy fee and update. If you need more than 1 online calculator listed on the online calculators page, please fill in the form below and we will work out a plan based on your budget.

We can customize any of the calculators listed on Investment Property Calculator website to fit your needs better.

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