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Land Tax Calculator TAS

This TAS land tax calculator will estimate the amount of land tax you need to pay for your taxable properties in TAS.

The TAS land tax is calculated on the combined taxable land value of the properties you have in TAS. Wonder what are the current TAS land tax rates and thresholds? You can find the current rates and thresholds which are outlined in the Land Tax Threshold TAS table below.

Taxable Land Value Information
Combined Taxable Land Value:

Calculator assumptions

It assumes that all your properties are located in TAS.

It does not factor in any exemptions, concessions, or discount from the government.

Rounding: If the amount of land tax payable when converted to cents is not exactly divisible by 10, that amount of land tax is to be -
(a) rounded up to the nearest amount exactly divisible by 10, if the number of cents remaining is more than 5; or
(b) rounded down to the nearest amount exactly divisible by 10, if the number of cents remaining is 5 or less.

Who needs to pay the TAS land tax?

The TAS land tax is a state tax, calculated on a property's actual usage and ownership as at 1 July each year. Land tax notices of assessment are issued between October and March. Land tax applies to property classified as "General" land by the Commissioner of State Revenue. Those properties include:
* commercial or vacant land
* rental properties
* holiday homes
* vacant homes

You don't have to pay the TAS land tax if your land is:
* classified as the owner's principal residence land; or
* classified as primary production land; or
* used by the owners for religious purposes; or
* used as a medical establishment (excludes General Practice); or
* used principally for Aboriginal cultural activities and is Aboriginal land; or
* used to operate a retirement village, or for related purposes; or
* the land is subject to a conservation covenant; or
* the land is owned by a charitable institution.

How is the TAS land tax calculated?

The TAS land tax is based on assessed land value of properties classified as "General" land. Assessed land value is the land value multiplied by an adjustment factor. Property valuation adjustment factors are determined by the Office of the Valuer-General. All of the assessed land values of General (taxable) land held by an owner as at 1 July are added together. This amount is multiplied by the TAS land tax rate as set out in the Land Tax Rating Act 2000.

How is the value of your land determined?

The Office of the Valuer-General is responsible for all statutory valuations in Tasmania. Property valuations are undertaken in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 2001. Valuation contractors, appointed by the Minister for Primary Industries, after a competitive tender process, undertake the statutory valuations in the municipalities being revalued for the Valuer-General. Extensive quality assurance of the valuations is undertaken by the Valuer-General prior to issuing valuation notices.

The valuations are determined by property valuers, after indepth research of property sales and rental information within each municipal area and each market sector. A property valuer compares each individual property and its relevant attributes to market sales and rental evidence to determine appropriate values as at the valuation date. The values should generally reflect the real estate market for your property as at the relevant valuation date.

Land Tax TAS - Rates

Below is the table of TAS Land Tax rates:

Taxable land valueLand tax rates

$0 - $24,999


$25,000 - $349,999

$50 plus 0.55% of value above $25,000

$350,000 and above

$1,837.50 plus 1.5% of value above $350,000