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Free NRAS Investment Property Calculator

This basic NRAS Investment Property calculator will show how much you need to invest as well as how much capital gain you might get if you sell your investment property within the 10 years NRAS period.

NRAS is the National Rental Affordability Scheme. It is a long term commitment by the Australian Government to invest in affordable rental housing. The Scheme offers annual Incentives for ten years on the condition that throughout the ten year period the dwelling is rented at 20 per cent below the market rent to eligible low and moderate income households. More information about National Rental Affordability Scheme.

Here is a screen shot that will give you a better idea that what you need to do and how this NRAS property calculator can help you on property investment.

Free NRAS Investment Property Calculator

View full size image of Free NRASInvestment Property calculator

Please note that this free NRAS property investment calculator DOES NOT automatically populates all the government tax, duties, and the construction cost depreciation. If you would like to save your time from calculating all the government tax, duties, etc, you can purchase the NRAS Investment Property Calculator or the Normal vs NRAS Investment Property Calculator for a value-for-money price for your personal use.

This calculator is built in Microsoft Excel worksheet. You need to have Microsoft Excel 2007-2013 and Microsoft Windows to use it.

Please note: This free NRAS investment property calculator is built based on the following assumptions.

(1) It is assumed the investor has an interest only (unless otherwise stated) home loan and the interest is deductible for tax purposes.

(2) When calculating the Capital Works Deductions, it assumes that the construction of the property started after 15 September 1987 and therefore the depreciation deduction is claimed for 40 years from the date construction was completed at a rate of 2.5% per year. Please note: You can manually adjust the depreciation deduction values from year to year if this assumption does not suit your situation.

(3) When calculating the tax payables, the tax rates applicable to Australian residents are used and the 1.5% Medicare Levy based on the individual Medicare Levy threshold is included where applicable. The calculator does not incorporate any other factors that might influence the amount of tax payable, such as Medicare levy surcharge, HECS contributions, any rebates, and deductions.

(4) The discount method is used to calculate capital gain tax if you hold the property for at least 12 months. The discount percentage is 50%.

(5) All months are assumed to be of equal length. One year is assumed to contain exactly 52 weeks or 26 fortnights. This implicitly assumes that a year has 364 days rather than the actual 365 or 366.

Download Free NRAS Investment Property Calculator Now!

Sole investor or just one investor? You can use this free NRAS Investment Property Calculator by changing the "Deductions Investor 1 (%)" to 100% and the "Annual Gross Income Investor 2" to $0.

The free Investment Property Calculator which has been downloaded for more than 34,000 times by property investors suits properties other than SMSF and NRAS investment properties.

If you consider buying an investment property through self-managed super fund (SMSF), you may want to try the Free SMSF Investment Property Calculator which was recently released.

Disclaimer: All the Investment Property Calculators are built for residential properties but not commercial properties. Using the Investment Property Calculators for commercial property investment (e.g. retail shop, office etc) is at your own risk.