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Excel Spreadsheet Calculators

Here are the Excel spreadsheet calculators current available for FREE download or purchase. All these Excel calculators are free for your personal use unless otherwise specified. You can download all the free Excel calculators in a Zip file.

The free Excel calculators provided by Investment Property Calculator have been downloaded times!

All the calculators are built with Microsoft Excel worksheet. You need to have Microsoft Excel 2000-2010 and Microsoft Windows to use them. You may be able to use the calculators with other applications that can open and read XLS spreadsheets, but this has not been tested.

Please Note: Income / salary referenced in all calculators excludes superannuation and is before tax unless otherwise stated.

Free Investment Property Calculator ( downloads)

Standard Investment Property Calculator (Not Free)

Professional Investment Property Calculator (Not Free)

Ultimate Investment Property Calculator (Not Free)

NRAS Investment Property Calculator (Not Free)

Normal vs NRAS Investment Property Calculator (Not Free)

PPOR to IP Investment Property Calculator (Not Free)

Commercial Property Lease or Buy Analysis Calculator (Not Free)

Mortgage Acceleration Calculator (Not Free)

Investment Property Record Keeping Spreadsheet (Free Trial)

Investment Property Rent Collection Management Spreadsheet (Free Trial)

Free NRAS Investment Property Calculator

Free SMSF Investment Property Calculator

Free Australia Personal Income Tax Calculator ( downloads)

Free Baby Bonus or Paid Parental Leave Calculator ( downloads)

Free Baby Budget Planner Spreadsheet

Free Business Trip Budget Spreadsheet

Free Car Loan Repayment Calculator

Free Car Mileage Log Spreadsheet

Free Child Care Benefit Calculator ( downloads)

Free Child Care Salary Sacrifice Benefit Calculator ( downloads)

Free Child Support Calculator

Free Compound Interest Calculator

Free Comprehensive Budget Planner Spreadsheet

Free Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator

Free Credit Card Payment Calculator

Free Home Equity Investment Calculator

Free Home Rent or Buy Analysis Calculator ( downloads)

Free Home Value Calculator

Free How to Structure Home Loan Calculator

Free Ideal Savings Rate Calculator

Free Interest Only Loan Calculator

Free Investment Calculator

Free Investment Property Depreciation Calculator

Free Land Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Free Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) Calculator

Free Loan to Value Ratio LVR Calculator

Free Medicare Levy Calculator

Free Medicare Levy Surcharge vs Private Hospital Insurance Calculator

Free Mortgage Debt Recycling Calculator

Free Mortgage Home Loan Amortization Calculator

Free Mortgage Home Loan Analysis Calculator

Free Mortgage Home Loan Refinance Calculator

Free Mortgage Home Loan Repayments Calculator

Free Introductory Mortgage Home Loan Repayments Calculator

Free Split Mortgage Home Loan Repayments Calculator

Free Mortgage How Much Can I Borrow Calculator

Free Mortgage Offset Calculator

Free Mortgage Refinance Cost Recoup Calculator

Free Mortgage Stress Calculator

Free Multiple Loan Calculator

Free Personal Budget Spreadsheet

Free Personal Loan Repayment Calculator

Free Property Rental Yield Calculator

Free Redundancy Calculator

Free Rental Investment Property Management Spreadsheet

Free Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Free Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet

Free Running Balance Spreadsheet Calculator

Free Savings Calculators

Free Should I Accept A Job Offer Calculator

Free Term Deposit Calculator

Free Traditional vs Hybrid Car Purchase Analysis Calculator

Free Wedding Budget Planner Spreadsheet

Download all the free Excel calculators in a Zip file: If you don't have the time to download the free Excel calculators one by one, you could just pay $2.99 to get them all in once in a Zip file! Just input your email and then hit the "Buy Now" button, a download link will be sent to you immediately!

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Disclaimer: All the Investment Property Calculators are built for residential properties but not commercial properties. Using the Investment Property Calculators for commercial property investment (e.g. retail shop, office etc) is at your own risk.