Investment Property Calculator

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Investment Property Calculator

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Investment Property Calculator

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Investment Property Calculator

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FREE Home Value Calculator

How long does it take for my property to double in value?
How long does it take for my property to reach the target sale price?
How much my property will be worth in 5 years?
At what annual appreciation rate my home will be worth a million in 5 years?
How much equity will I have in my home in 10 years?

If you have thought any of the questions above, you should download this free home value calculator.

This free home value calculator in fact includes three calculators - a property value calculator, a property equity calculator, and a simple home loan calculator. The property value calculator calculate your home value in the future, the property equity calculator estimates the equity in your home, and the simple home loan calculator tells the repayments of your home loan.

Here is a screen shot that will give you a better idea that what you need to do and what this free home value calculator can tell you.

This calculator is built in Microsoft Excel worksheet. You need to have Microsoft Excel 2000-2010 and Microsoft Windows to use it. You may be able to use the calculator with other applications that can open and read XLS spreadsheets, but this has not been tested.

FREE Home Value Calculator

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