New Child Care Benefit Calculator 2010-11 Released

New Child Care Benefit CCB calculator 2010-11 has been released. The free Child Care Benefit Calculator estimates the Child Care Benefit Percentage (CCB %) based on no. of children in care (school or non-school children), the hours they are in long day care (LDC), and the family’s adjusted taxable income (ATI).

The calculator will in addition calculate the total annual Child Care Benefit (CCB), Child Care Rebate (CCR) that parents can receive from FAO, and help to work out the total child care fees that you actually need to pay after CCB and CCR. The estimation is done based on the 2010/11 standard hourly rate of $3.68 per hour and the new CCR up to $7,500 per child in care.

You can download the Child Care Benefit Calculator 2010-11 here.

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